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Just a quick meditation and exercise insight in case I forget by tomorrow morning.  Was meditating when the peni got home from the park, dammit.  Sorry, not very open and accepting of my inner breath just there.  Was pleased to learn they were just home for water and were heading off to a different park.  (Welcome to our weekends, one run ’em till they drop activity after another, and it was Jim’s turn.)

Went back to meditating and then decided to take Bucky for a walk as I missed the Sunday yoga class.  Usually I put on a playlist called Can’t Shut Up (songs I like to sing) or Can’t Stop Dancing when I walk or exercise.  But I was in a meditative mood so put on my meditation/gothefucktosleep, kid playlist, mostly this song over and over.  Click on “Reverence” by Tinstad and Rumbel

Had THE BEST WALK EVER!  Noticed so many things in my neighborhood, porch furniture, flowers, dogs in windows, uneven wooden gates, garden sprites, fairy wings and met new neighbors.  Including the old guy Arthur always yells Hello to when we drive home from school as he is out every evening slicing any and all spare blades of grass that might peek out of his brick sidewalk with a rusty slingblade (not really).  He looks kind of grumpy, but had a slightly falsetto  Hellloooooo  when I hailed him.  Would have stopped to talk but had an unmentionable in the plastic baggie headed for the dumpster around the corner.

I digress.  We walked so long, I actually considered doing this early in the mornings, before the snuggly kids sneak under my arms.  In other words, early.  Meditation and exercise and getting my day off in a better way than the usual frothy slug beating.   We’ll shall see.  Om



Neighborhood Story Project Write-a-Thon Assignment #2.

For Jennifer, an incredible person, friend and teacher.  This collection of statements was adapted for you from  “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” by Deepak Chopra.   I hope it helps you on the journey to be the teacher you want to be, and live the abundant and affluent life you want to live.

Today, I accept that the whole universe is as it should be.

Therefore, this moment, this situation is as it should be.

I do not blame anyone, including myself, for this moment, this situation.

I will not struggle against the whole universe.

Although I accept things as they are now, I have the ability to make a creative response to this situation.

My true nature is one of abundance and affluence.

I will circulate the abundance in my life by giving something to everyone I come in contact with today, even if it is just a silent wish for joy, love and laughter.