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When we tell people we’re renovating our home, some ask if my marriage is strong, some make the sign of the cross in my general direction and one person cursed and spat on the sidewalk.

What I was not prepared for was the magnitude of minute little details that don’t go right.  Not the major disasters, the little things.  All of these issues require a few conversations, a few phone calls and at least one, but usually more than one, trip to a house of ill repute.  Or a hardware store.

This is what was presented to me over the space of a few hours one afternoon last week.

  1. The organizational system I bought won’t slide in my enclosed alcove.
  2. The matching shelf for the bathroom was too long for intended space.
  3. The hot water pipe for bathroom sink didn’t reach spigot.
  4. The PVC pipe under the bathroom sink drain was too short.
  5. The medicine cabinet blocks half the bathroom lights.
  6. The kitchen bar didn’t come with screws.
  7. The screws that came with the heavy wine rack were too flimsy.
  8. The new toilet sits 2 inches too far away from the hole in the ground.

And this was just on my plate for the day.  Jim was dealing with the leak in the roof, the rotting wood, the door that shouldn’t have been painted and on and on and on and on and on.

So before you make your This Old House dreams comes true, ask yourself this first.  Is your marriage strong enough to get a love letter like this?


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