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6:30am.  Breakfast table.  Me sitting down.  C. bouncing up, down, all around.  Me saying one more bite, sit down, please eat, don’t play, come back here, no, just, stop, wait.

I just stop and look at him.


Why are we still here? I ask.  You are 7 years old; why am I still trying to get you to eat?  You can do it at school.  I’ve seen you sit at the table and eat your lunch there.  Why can’t we have that here?

His little face crumples:  I’m just… I’m just living a natural life!

Well, what can you say to that, but a big hug.  This is the day to day balance of preparing them for life in our social world, and being the safe place that they don’t have to hold it all in and just be themselves.  Naturally.


A. asked for spaghetti without the sauce.  I like it bald, he says.

Added to the family lexicon forever.