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We were driving home from preschool and passed a local snowball stand.   I had to pull over and take this video of Art,  my savory child, who has the best frown in the wide wide world.  It is just organically rich and scrumptiously intense – I love it.  The video is from a few months ago, well, actually it’s a whole snowball season ago now that Plum Street Snoballs just reopened for the hot season.

It’s one of my favorites for 3 reasons:

1.  As it becomes apparent that he is not getting a snowball,  Art strategically switches demands to yogurt. This, he knows, is something we keep in the fridge at home but only dole out occasionally, as it is akin to babycrack.

2.  Right after Art switches to yogurt, this sweet little voice offscreen, aka Clifton, pipes in with a cheery “I want yogurt!”

3.  About 3 minutes after this video was taken, Clifton got in big trouble.  I heard this rrrrrriiiiippppp and looked in the rearview mirror to see that he had torn in half yet another dvd box.  Clif the Ripper strikes again.  I fussed at him up and down Annunciation Street.  When I paused to breathe, Art announced… “I’m happy now, Mommy.”

Welcome to the toddler rollercoaster!