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Neighborhood Story Project Write-a-Thon Assignment #2.

For Jennifer, an incredible person, friend and teacher.  This collection of statements was adapted for you from  “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” by Deepak Chopra.   I hope it helps you on the journey to be the teacher you want to be, and live the abundant and affluent life you want to live.

Today, I accept that the whole universe is as it should be.

Therefore, this moment, this situation is as it should be.

I do not blame anyone, including myself, for this moment, this situation.

I will not struggle against the whole universe.

Although I accept things as they are now, I have the ability to make a creative response to this situation.

My true nature is one of abundance and affluence.

I will circulate the abundance in my life by giving something to everyone I come in contact with today, even if it is just a silent wish for joy, love and laughter.


First post from the Neighborhood Story Project Write-A-Thon is about Jim, my husband of 5 years, best friend for 8.  I’ve been meaning to write this for awhile, but the good things about people just aren’t nearly as fun to write as the irritating things!

This is not the most logical place to start, but it’s where my mind went that morning, sooo.  One of the best things Jim ever said to me was that he thought I was well endowed.  Seriously.  I called Sharla that night, and told her that I was definitely marrying Jim.  She said I thought you were already marrying him.  I told her what he said, and she completely understood.  When all your life you are referred to and joked about as flat-chested, and the man you love says otherwise (without mentioning the other xx pounds that came with ’em), well, that’s the one you marry.

He also told me that I was the first person he ever thought about having kids with; unfortunately, we had only been dating about 4 months at the time and I kind of laid into him.  You know, my whole decades-long-in-the-making speech about why I was not birthin no babies.  We were at the Red Shoe Pub in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and as I went on and on about biology and overpopulation and the subjugation of women, he just stopped eating.  For Jim, that’s a big deal.

He knew early on, I guess I did too.  I remember telling Kelli before she moved out of town that I thought I would be dating him for a long time, and this was before the Red Shoe incident.

Here are just a few of my favorite things about Jim:

1.  He knows how to make me laugh in stressful situations.  We watched Peter Sellers in “The Party” on the airplane to Russia and for the rest of that trip, Jim just kept saying “Birdie num num” during any lengthy pause.  It’s a regular part of our family vocabulary now.

2.  I no longer make midnight runs to the convenience store to get Fluffy McNasty brand dog food because I’ve run out again.  Jim just brings home bags of food for Bucky, who annoys him endlessly, when it’s time. (same goes for paper goods, milk, diapers, cleaning products and headlamps.)

3.  He will dance whenever and wherever I ask (or the boys ask).  Not all that well.  But whenever.  And wherever.

4.  One of my favorite things to watch is Jim tying a canoe onto the top of a car.  I don’t know why, maybe because I had a bad canoe/wind/car experience on my own.  But there is something about the way he does it that is so assuring.  And hot.

5.  He has a total comfort with who is is most of the time.  It was what attracted me to him the most.  He once commented about some of the things that I was tweaking (glasses,  dressy shirts etc.)  He said you must have seen a lot of potential in me.  I corrected that immediately and told him that these things were merely cosmetic.  Women in their 40s don’t do potential.  He already had everything I was looking for.

So, I will post the Jimgems (“on ebay”) from time to time, because they’re funny and because most people think Jim is a quiet, unassuming, gentle soul.  I’m here to set the record straight.  Jim is an incredibly smart, funny, obsessive, hard-working,  and humble soul.  As Betsy says – Jim rocks!  (he’s also a geologist, get it!)

Now for a little cute and humble pie.

Rachel, You were…. right from rachel nicolosi on Vimeo.