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I have decided to do one anti-procrastination thing every day for Lent.  Not just your average mop the disgusting dog-haired bathroom floor tasks.

Majorly procrastinated items such as:

Kelli’s baby gift for her beautiful daughter.  Who just turned 2.  I remember being so excited that I actually bought gifts soon after I heard, on that Mother’s day I spent in the quarter by myself.  2 years ago.  Procrastinated because I owe Kelli an essay on whether or not child rearing is just like owning a dog or not at all like owning a dog.  Obviously requested 3 years ago, when Kelli was considering reproducing (she didn’t know how absolutely adorable her daughter would turn out, obviously!)

Cornucopia of gifts for Sarah and family, including the squirrel Christmas ornament that I so delighted in buying, because Sarah is irrationally afraid of them.  I’m sweet as condensed milk for that one.

About a dozen books on London, borrowed from John.  Who now lives in Texas.  For Jim’s big birthday trip.  11 years ago.

Why now?  Well.  There is a bag of Christmas cards that I finally got around to printing, addressing, stamping, putting in envelopes, but never mailing… somewhere.  The envelopes that I got from an estate sale (along with a wallet of auto and airline membership cards for Clifton and a bag of rubber bands and miscellaneous stuff for Arthur which just happened to include some Picasso cards that might be considered nudity if you didn’t consider them art), anyway, the old envelopes would not stick together, and so I had to put a stick of tape on them.  So close.  They are somewhere in my office, in a bag.

I’m mailing them. Before Easter, when I will be redeemed of my lame procrastination woes.

Happy Spring y’all.  Hope you get a holiday card from me!