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Neighborhood Story Project Write-a-Thon Assignment #2.

For Jennifer, an incredible person, friend and teacher.  This collection of statements was adapted for you from  “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” by Deepak Chopra.   I hope it helps you on the journey to be the teacher you want to be, and live the abundant and affluent life you want to live.

Today, I accept that the whole universe is as it should be.

Therefore, this moment, this situation is as it should be.

I do not blame anyone, including myself, for this moment, this situation.

I will not struggle against the whole universe.

Although I accept things as they are now, I have the ability to make a creative response to this situation.

My true nature is one of abundance and affluence.

I will circulate the abundance in my life by giving something to everyone I come in contact with today, even if it is just a silent wish for joy, love and laughter.