I have been thinking about life mottos, (for lack of any better phrasing, somebody help me) for the boys.  Things that might sound old fashioned, but fit my kids’ particular personalities at this point in their precious precious lives.  Things that old men around the saloon would repeat when talking about them.  It started as what might be on their tombstone, but they’re kids, so what might be on their t-shirt.

For Arthur – “Uses things in ways the manufacturer never intended.”

For Clifton – “In response to your kind offer of only one.  I cheerfully say,  I’ll take two, no three.”

I know, lots of work to go on these t-shirt ideas.

Tonight, I’m languishing at a social event where I feel like a disconnected poser with very little to contribute to begin with and therefore nothing to contribute now.  Earth goddess Carol, introduces me as a godmother of “The 13 Lessons.”  My soul weeps with the thought of this as my epitaph.