1.  I am at Gracious Bakery and Cafe and have just eaten a spectacular pretzel-croissant.  I got to go here mid-morning on a work day!

2.  I bought an extra one for Jim to eat so he’s not “starving” before we shop at Costco.  I am so organized!

3.  We are finally getting a membership at the new Costco – had to wait for our Sams membership to expire.

4.  I got to meditate for like 40 minutes at City Park during my favorite weather period:  about to rain.

5.  Clifton got the Peace Corps Award today for resolving conflicts in the classroom and Arthur got the Thomas Jefferson Author Award.  (Two notes – he accidentally jumped up when someone else got an Arthur Ashe award, plus I was hoping for John Quincy Adams.)

6.  Rain Garden.  Those two words flow through my mouth like creek water over smooth round stones.  I love them.  I may change my name when I go completely hippie.  Tomorrow.

7.  The absolutely lovely and sweaty end of school year bus stop party yesterday was what I imagined when I imagined having kids.  (Have to note this as there are so many things that I never imagined that happen – good and bad.)