Weekends.   Sigh.

It’s Sunday night.

Let’s note a few bright moments to flush out the dread of starting all over again on Monday without the faintest whisper of ever catching up.  Things like:  Not only did I not clean up the writing on the wood floor (ssshhh), now there are misspelled last names and Frozen snowflakes on two new pieces of furniture.  Kids uniforms will be waiting in the dryer for early a.m. search and rescue missions.  Got through sorting a few boxes of old work stuff last week, but at the cost of all regular housework, exercise and volunteerism.

So shut up.  Here’s the thankful list from the weekend.

At his request, took a walk around the block with Clifton Saturday evening to see the moon. He was wearing Toy Story pjs.

Got a text from Angela asking if I remember a Heart concert where the guy who got the tickets licked us on the face.

Got to endure jokes about both my marriages – not too many friends around with that level of intimacy!

Arthur about to fall asleep thoughtfully listing all the foods starving Clifton could still eat at 7pm.

Krispy Kreme bread pudding. (me, not starving Clifton)

I stayed out until after 1am BOTH Friday and Saturday nights.  So now I have the first episode of “Orange is the New Black” Season 2 to watch finally.


Ooh. Gotta go!