Mission for Green Living Babystep #1

Also known as small steps to sanity.

Little things I can do that make me intensely joyful.


Seems simple and something I should do, can do, already do.  Yes, to all of these, but sporadically.  I have about a dozen from various conferences and grocery stores, but they get left at home or in the car.  And J doesn’t flat out refuse, but turns a blind eye and almost tries to explain that he needs the plastic ones for kitty litter, but then knows that I know that we have enough for all of kitty’s 9 lives, so protestations falter off.

  1. There are 5 bags in each car.
  2. I have written “Use Cloth Bags” on top of the blank grocery lists (thanks Kim!).
  3. I am making rear view mirror hanger reminders to put in the cars.  Ye olde marker on cardboard.  Can we say upcycled, yeah?  Okay, no we can’t. These don’t really have the cache of a cool green product at the art market. However, along that vein and to make me intensely joyful…
  4. I’m going to take a silkscreening class for free at the NOLA Community Printshop.  Soon.(la la la la)  Then maybe if they come out kinda cool, can make them from recycled paper products, fabric, hemp cloth, something eco-loco (translation: green crazy).

Also trying to think of a way that they could fit somewhere in the front of the car – some kind of flat way to store them on the door or dashboard where they are not in the way, but are in eyesight so you don’t forget.