Have I learned nothing from FlyLady?

It’s all about babysteps, and I thought the simple “buy organic potatoes” was a babystep.  Here I am 3 weeks later with a giant bag of potatoes that Jim got from Sams sitting in the fridge in the utility room.

I couldn’t even get over to Whole Foods to get a price on organic potatoes for 2 weeks.

Wait.  Start over.

I’m working on tools to make living closer to the earth easy and simple.  I was starting with buying organic for the Dirty Dozen vegetable list – dirty, as in holds the most pesticides.

(One kid on Wii Scooby Doo game. The other singing Katy Perry songs from a karaoke DVD.  My chance to write! 5,4,3,2,1… Mommmeeee)

Start over rescheduled for later tonight, when the kids are down but the sun is still up!