I know!  Talk about your white girl problem!

The sheer volume of dirty dishes in my house is an unintended side effect of trying to cook healthy meals at home, aka collateral damage.

I get home from work everyday with a dishwashing intention cascading through my mind, and then I can’t I just can’t.  I have the beautiful opportunity to work part-time, and there is a new expectation that more of the housework should be done in my so-called off time.  I think so too most days.  But when I get home, it just feels like a total waste of valuable free time to spend it doing the endless task of unloading and loading the dishwasher.

Jim is still somewhat taken aback that I don’t relish the opportunity to do dishes.  He said his Mom loved to do housework.  (insert incredulous look here).  Then one day he realized that my Mom worked full time+ (teacher) and had 4 kids and his Mom had no outside job and only 1 kid. Still, that did not mean that she loved to do housework.  She probably just didn’t loathe it.  “Hey, that bowl of pimento cheese is not going to clean itself!”

No more to say about not doing the dishes.

Without looking like a total fool, pretentious bitch, ungrateful, lazy, lame… you know the rest.