I found these videos on my ipod during my Mother’s Day retreat at Crane Creek.  I forgot I was documenting Toby’s last months with us, so they’re a little bittersweet.  Not for the average reader (all 3 of you!).  For me.

The first one is October, 2010, about a minute and a half – good face smooshies and Rio is under the bed attacking Bucky’s foot while he stalks Toby during the endlessly annoying meal routine.

The second is December, 2010, about 4 minutes – the day Toby had a bad seizure and kept walking into things.  The strange thing to me is how quiet the house was then.  We came home with the boys about a month later and Toby passed away about a month or so after that.

Anyway, she was a good old girl.  Love you tobytobytobytobytobytoby.

Toby October 2010

Toby December 2010