Okay, I just call myself that, but it sounded better as a title. Cuatro (as in number 4) is the moniker I used to use whenever Jim’s 3 other priorities were ruining my very existence. Or just annoying the hell out of me.

Before we had kids, here was Jim’s priority list, according to me.

  1.   His mother
  2.   Our 2 cats
  3.   His projects
  4.   Me

He denies this, of course, but sometimes when I couldn’t get his attention by saying his name at increasing decibels, I would just meow once, and he would immediately get up to see what the kitty needed.

Time has passed as has Jim’s mother and we now have two kids.  We’re both so busy, that Cuatro doesn’t come up as a complaint as much. If I had to make the list again, the kids have replaced his mother, all else is the same.

I’m revisiting it today because of this picture.

This is our dining room, and I am stretched out on the ugly black sofa that lives there, while Rio the kitty is perched on the chair about 2 feet away from me.  Jim comes in from the left, walks in between me and the kitty.  Stops to pet and talk to the kitty.  Does not even see me, walks into the kitchen and starts calling my name.  When he peeks back into the dining room, I’m just shaking my head, mumbling Cuatro under my breath.